"My two year old thinks that E is For Economics is the best economics book he has ever read. And I enjoyed it as well. It is a great way for children to practice the alphabet and engage with some bigger economic ideas and parents might learn a thing or two as well. Economists of any age would particularly benefit from trying to capture even a fraction of Veronica Goodman’s ability to convey ideas in a concise, humorous and colorful manner.”

- Jason Furman, Professor of the Practice of Economic Policy at Harvard Kennedy School, Senior Fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics, and former Chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers

"When it comes to children’s books in economics, supply has been well short of demand. That’s why I was so thrilled when my former economics student, Veronica Goodman, was first to market with her alphabet book - E is for Economics. From Adam Smith to Zero Sum, E is for Economics offers a fun way for kids to learn their letters and associate them with terms in the dismal science. The book increases consumer surplus for both my 10 month old daughter and her economist father. She loves the letters and colorful illustrations, while I love that it’s building her vocabulary and human capital. E is for Economics is a must read for any toddler, tyke or other micro-economist too young to begin plotting marginal cost curves, but ready to learn the ABCs of economics."

- Marc Goldwein, Senior Policy Director at the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget and Economics instructor at Johns Hopkins University and the University of California in DC

"When it comes to children’s books, you won’t find many (or any at all) gracing the shelves of your law school library. Enter L is for Law — a new picture book aimed at demystifying legal concepts for kids. L is for Law is a colourful introduction to the language of law for children up to five-years-old. Written by Washington-based mother-of-one Veronica Goodman, the book features a legal term for each letter of the alphabet. What better way to prep your budding baby barristers! What brings the 32-page book to life is the playful and charming illustrations by designer and illustrator Nicole Jones Sturk. We reckon the child-friendly drawings such as ‘D is for Damages’ are a foolproof way to entertain parents and their children alike." 

― Legal Cheek


E is for Economics featured on the blog, Marginal Revolution

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