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L is for Law, Out now!

Ages 0-5, 32 pages

M is for Medicine is a humorous, colorful introduction to the language of medicine for preschool-age children. The book features a new medical term for every letter of the alphabet, illustrated by full-color, playful images to entertain parents and children alike as you move from A to Z.

While I wouldn't recommend that you use this book to study for the MCAT or instead of seeing a doctor, if you want to teach your child the alphabet, this is the book for you!

Acknowledgment: Veronica Goodman would like to thank Nicole Jones Sturk for bringing her medical illustration concepts for each letter to life in this book!

Book Reviews

“This is such a great series! My baby loves looking at the pictures and her big sister loves learning all of the new vocabulary words. I can’t wait to share this book with my nurse friends!!” — Dream Readers Kids (Children’s Book Reviewer)

“Just like the format of L Is For Law and E Is For Economics before it, each letter is given an element of medicine to illustrate – A is for ambulance, B is for bandage, and so on. Accompanying each subject is a cheerful illustration, often employing a clever visual gag to get a chuckle out of adult readers, particularly those in the medical field; for instance, depicting (I is for) interns as a gaggle of wailing infants, or a guiltily grinning child and her pup in a bathroom, both covered in bandaids. By Z (is for Zoom In, as with a microscope), little readers will have learned some of the lingo of the medical field…” — The Baby Bookworm (Children’s Book Reviewer)

“Fun read for parents and kiddos! I am in the medical field and I enjoyed explaining to my kids about the terms in this book. All the details in the illustrations are on point, too! I sure do love the author and all her published books! A really fun spin on the "typical" children's book.” — Amazon reviewer


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