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E is for economics, available Now

Ages 0-5, 32 pages

From Adam Smith to Zero Sum, E is for Economics is a humorous, colorful introduction to the language of economics for preschool-age children. Written by an economist, the book features a new economics term for every letter of the alphabet, illustrated by full-color, playful images to entertain parents and children alike as you move from A to Z.

While I wouldn't recommend that you use this book to study for your econ Ph.D. exams or to make important investment decisions, if you want to teach your child the alphabet, this is the book for you! 

E is for Economics is available in the following formats: Kindle, paperback, hardcover, and in-person at Politics and Prose bookstores and East City Bookshop in the Washington, DC area.

"My two year old thinks that E is For Economics is the best economics book he has ever read. And I enjoyed it as well. It is a great way for children to practice the alphabet and engage with some bigger economic ideas and parents might learn a thing or two as well. Economists of any age would particularly benefit from trying to capture even a fraction of Veronica Goodman’s ability to convey ideas in a concise, humorous and colorful manner."
-Jason Furman, Professor of the Practice of Economic Policy at Harvard Kennedy School, Senior Fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics, and former Chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers

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Acknowledgment: Veronica Goodman would like to thank Nicole Jones Sturk for bringing her economics illustration concepts for each letter to life in this book!